Sunday Vineday: Bromance

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The theme of this week is Bromance! Who doesn't love a good "Bromance"? I've picked 4 of my favorite Bromance vines that will put a smile on your face! Includes real Brothers Logan & Paul plus Brandon, Jesse & Gregory! Note: Not all are are like "Guy Love" just bros being bros together.

  1. A Beautiful Moment
    Brandon Calvillo & Jason Nash
  2. Horchata Lattes
     Matt Cutshall & Barron Boedecker
  3. When you dunk on Vince Vaughn
    Logan & Jake Paul
  4. Hit the Gym
    Brando, Jesse & Gregory Calvillo

Sunday Vineday: Curtis Lepore's Grandmother

Sunday VinedayAlexa RabiniComment

Curtis Lepore's Grandma

The theme of this week is Curtis Lepore's Grandmother! Curtis is one of the top viner's on vine especially when he makes them with his famous grandmother! To celebrate the end of February, check out some of his best vines this month featuring this golden gal, his grandma!

  1. When Grandma makes you food, you eat it!
    my grandma makes me eat too
  2. You're never too old to party!
    his grandma has moves!
  3. Don't bring your Grandma to War
    Awwww she's cute!
  4. These girls learned from the best
    too funny not to watch